My first time blocking

I’ve never done it before, but after wearing this Rosette Cowl around a few times I figured it was about time I give blocking a try, especially since the pattern/directions called for it.

Based on these results, I think I’ll be blocking more often!



I decided to make my gifts this year. I was feeling pretty good about it – making progress and picking out projects, patterns and supplies. Then I updated our calendar (it’s dry erase) and saw my time is quickly running out! I’ve finished a few things, but have a nice list of things still to do…a scarf, a few cowls, some washcloths, and scavenger hunt bags for the kids along with a few other sewing things I’ve been thinking about (and procrastinating on like our bedroom curtains!). I need to get moving! I’m working on the Rick Rack scarf right now…it’s a bit daunting to think about getting this scarf to its intended length, especially after all my recent projects on 35s. I’ve been spoiled with big needles and fast knits…


The boy wants to knit

With my recent knitting pursuits and the supplies scattered around our home, it would stand to reason the kids would be curious about knitting. Yesterday, my son asked me to teach him how to knit. My feeble attempt to teach him on the needles I had lying around (the size 19 were a bit big!) wasn’t working so well.  I recalled seeing some DIY Knitting Nancy posts around recently (like this one here), and figured that perhaps it would be the best route to get the little boy knitting. We have a well stocked craft box (thank you Nana), and found all the materials we needed – toilet paper roll, craft/Popsicle sticks, some tape and yarn remnants – and went to work. He picked it up quickly, and even brought his project in the car on our way to the playground! He says he is making a scarf for his “special giraffe.” If he continues to show interest, I will have to look into the best way to teach him how to knit with needles. For now, he seems to be enjoying french knitting, announcing “knitting is like magic”. Well said little man, I couldn’t agree more!

(35s + Pixie Dust)Lots = Gifts

When I was in NYC a few weeks back, my friend was wearing a gorgeous cowl made from Knit Collage’s Pixie Dust. On our trip to Purl SOHO I picked up a skein and knitted a cowl for myself one evening as we were hanging out chatting. These cowls are simple, beautiful, and between the yarn and 35 needles, really really quick. I love mine, and think it makes a perfect holiday gift. You can find Katie’s directions here. Its quite simple really – CO 8, K1P1 rib, a optional twist and then sew the ends together – there you have it, a gorgeous cowl.

Knit: Month One Motif Done

As I mentioned earlier, I am following along from a distance with Katie’s monthly program to become a super skilled knitting diva.  I’ve finished my first month’s assignment, and I’m pleased to say I now can do cabled eyelets and learned how to cable cast on. It was fun to move from being clueless to feeling like I could tell where I was in the pattern simply by what was going on with the stitches on the needles. Not sure if that makes any sense.  At any rate, I am looking forward to seeing what next month will bring, and finding a way to use my new found stitch skills in a project.  Any suggestions?

Morning at the Skate Park

This weekend we headed to the skate/BMX park with the kids and their bike, and in the spirit of my mission to take more pictures I brought my camera and often neglected telephoto lens. Biking is a big part of our family, and I’m happy to get some photos of the kids in action. The beauty of taking more pictures is not only capturing our family life, but also discovering that both my kids ride their bikes with their mouths wide open – nature or nurture?!