Owl Costume

After changing her mind daily (hourly even), my daughter finally settled on being an owl for Halloween. I was ecstatic (truth be told, I may have pushed for it a bit – other options were dinosaurs, scary sea monsters and a host of other things her brother was putting her up to). I’ve wanted to make an owl costume, especially after seeing the super cute owl costume on the Alphamom site, for sometime. And once she uttered the words I longed to hear “mama, i want to be an owl for Halloween”…I stopped asking, and went to work.  I looked around online and took inspiration from the costume mentioned above, as well as this amazing one here, and set out to find fabric and come up with a plan. My daughter picked out a number of the felt pieces used for the feathers, insisting on using orange and purple – two favorite colors, and I picked up a little bundle of printed fabric to add a little more interest.

I decided to make the costume in three parts: a hat with the beak and eyes, a dress with all the chest feathers and a cape to be the wings. I used a simple A-line dress we had for the “pattern” of the dress, and then pinned and sewed on each row of feathers starting from the bottom and working my way up the dress. The hat was a simple strip of fabric, sewn up one side with a curved seam across the top, and then hand sewed the eyes, beak and tufts onto the hat.  The wings caused the most head scratching. I ended up cutting a big circle, cut out a hole for the neck, and then went back in shaped wings for over the arms and two down the back.  I put snaps on the underside of the wings over her arms to keep them in place and allow her to flap around. I then sewed two patches of feathers together, and attached them onto the top of each “arm” on the cape, and added a few feathers to the back.

After a lot of monkeying around with the old sewing machine (this prompted my new purchase), and lots and lots of feather cutting and precision placing…the costume was complete. We topped it off with some tights and a pair of yellow Crocs we had lying around…and voila, we had ourselves an owl hooting around our home.

UPDATED: a few snaps from Halloween.

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