An Intro to My Machine

In a few hours I get to pack up my machine and haul it back to where it was purchased so that I can have my first lesson/intro to my machine. I’m quite excited.

I was a little ambitious, and got a head start earlier this week. With the manual at my side I decided to tackle a small project. I’ve always admired the smock tops that cross over in the back, and found a pattern for one here. When we picked up the machine, I suggested Kaya pick out some fabric. She generally refuses to wear dresses and I thought by selecting the fabric, she would be more likely to wear it. All in all, the project turned out pretty well. It was trying to size up the template as Kaya is a 3T, which had some downsides (I wasn’t thinking clearly and increased the size through out which left the straps and chest a bit wide). I have a long way to go with making the sewing look neat and pretty…but that is what this mission of mine is all about!



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