Scowl Cowl

A friend of mine has been working on a cowl with a rosette stitch that requires a bit of keeping track of rows to make sure you get the right pattern. Well, after a few miscounts she took to calling it the scowl cowl…sadly it appears I have my own scowl cowl in the making.

I’ve been working on the Bandana Cowl, figuring it would be a good way to start expanding my knitting repertoire. It’s taken a couple tries to get the short rows figured out, and I’m still not certain I am doing what the pattern says. I however claimed a small victory over the short row (the is a v shape and I have the called for 81 stitches) and moved on to the next part of the pattern. Here I misunderstood what they wanted and had to rip out and redo a portion. Ugh. I’m finally back on track with my very own scowl cowl, and hopefully I can get it done without any further troubles. Here is the progress to date.20111112-110009.jpg

2 thoughts on “Scowl Cowl

  1. this sounds really scowlly! to me!! good for you figuring out the short rows–i have not figured that out yet 😦

    81 stitches–that’s a lot of committment!!!

    That bandanna cowl looks good in the example photo—that makes me WANT to hang in there long enuf to learn how to master those short rows and keep going! ……but i have to admit that i’ve not started my own project yet!!

    • The short row wasn’t too bad – between the tutorial on purl’s blog, and a YouTube video – it was easy enough to figure out. I didn’t quite understand what the pattern was saying about the three stitches between…and then once completed I didn’t really like it, probably because the bottom rolled up and it didn’t sit right. I look forward to hearing what you decide.

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