Knit: Month One Motif Done

As I mentioned earlier, I am following along from a distance with Katie’s monthly program to become a super skilled knitting diva.  I’ve finished my first month’s assignment, and I’m pleased to say I now can do cabled eyelets and learned how to cable cast on. It was fun to move from being clueless to feeling like I could tell where I was in the pattern simply by what was going on with the stitches on the needles. Not sure if that makes any sense.  At any rate, I am looking forward to seeing what next month will bring, and finding a way to use my new found stitch skills in a project.  Any suggestions?


11 thoughts on “Knit: Month One Motif Done

  1. Love it!! How about some throw pillows? A knit square for the front and one of your beautiful fabrics for the back? Or work one up in 12×24″? Fold in half and stuff for a reversible pillow?

  2. What a neat stitch!!! I’ve not heard of it before. It looks complex. Is it?
    I like the idea of a pillow …..and i bet it would make a cute hat if you wanted to go that direction.
    What size needles were you using?

  3. Yours looks so much neater than mine! Of course, I chose a darker color (against Katie’s suggestion). I should be finished sometime today, I will snap a shot and post to FB when I am finished. Love yours!

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