The boy wants to knit

With my recent knitting pursuits and the supplies scattered around our home, it would stand to reason the kids would be curious about knitting. Yesterday, my son asked me to teach him how to knit. My feeble attempt to teach him on the needles I had lying around (the size 19 were a bit big!) wasn’t working so well.  I recalled seeing some DIY Knitting Nancy posts around recently (like this one here), and figured that perhaps it would be the best route to get the little boy knitting. We have a well stocked craft box (thank you Nana), and found all the materials we needed – toilet paper roll, craft/Popsicle sticks, some tape and yarn remnants – and went to work. He picked it up quickly, and even brought his project in the car on our way to the playground! He says he is making a scarf for his “special giraffe.” If he continues to show interest, I will have to look into the best way to teach him how to knit with needles. For now, he seems to be enjoying french knitting, announcing “knitting is like magic”. Well said little man, I couldn’t agree more!


3 thoughts on “The boy wants to knit

  1. Knitting has been shown to evoke the Relaxation Response= calm clear mind, relaxed body, balanced energy, like yoga and meditation impact on central nervous system.

  2. Can’t wait for my first lesson, can’t let Tanner show me up 🙂 Have Tanner bring his project over so we can see what he has created!!

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