I decided to make my gifts this year. I was feeling pretty good about it – making progress and picking out projects, patterns and supplies. Then I updated our calendar (it’s dry erase) and saw my time is quickly running out! I’ve finished a few things, but have a nice list of things still to do…a scarf, a few cowls, some washcloths, and scavenger hunt bags for the kids along with a few other sewing things I’ve been thinking about (and procrastinating on like our bedroom curtains!). I need to get moving! I’m working on the Rick Rack scarf right now…it’s a bit daunting to think about getting this scarf to its intended length, especially after all my recent projects on 35s. I’ve been spoiled with big needles and fast knits…



One thought on “WIPs

  1. after a surge of creative energy i too have become overwhelmed with the calendar factor and the fact that my knitting fingers don’t work in time-warp speed. 😐
    I also was trying out this zigzag stitch and NOT having success—yours looks GREAT!! I kept getting holes instead of zigs and zags. :O I haven’t quite given up on it yet! If i was using a 9 instead of an 8 needle ( on worsted wt. yarn) could that be part of the problem?

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