They are done. They are far from perfect, but they keep the light out. It was an interesting experience. Despite the great directions/tutorial I found here, I struggled. The project started out with a bit of a hiccup, I bought fabric before I found the tutorial and didn’t get quite enough. I also had a bit of a hard time keeping my sewing straight, and a lot of problems sewing the blackout lining to the fabric and keeping everything smooth and lined up. The black out lining would stretch and bunch up…so things got a bit uneven and don’t lie flat.  Oh well…they work, and look okay from across the room. It is still a work in progress, but it is nice to have this piece of the room redo done. And now I get to move on to a smaller project and hope I do a bit better this time!

Kaya needing a nap, but fighting it…and Jackson being interrupted from his.

a little snuggle makes life better.

One thought on “Curtains

  1. Congratulations!!! That was a big undertaking! YOU may know the problem areas but the overall look is great!–and your choice of fabric [design] was right on! 🙂 It’s clear it’s a cozy room–and yes–snuggles are the true rewards in life!

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