Quick Baby Doll Coat

I knew I was supposed to get back to knitting. I still have my husbands gifts to complete but the sewing machine was just sitting there with a few scraps hanging around and I had the thought to quickly whip up a little bag for the girl’s baby doll in the fabric used for the scavenger hunt bag.

When the bag was done…I got to thinking that perhaps the bag needed a coat and hat to go with it. As the baby gets dragged along on our outings more these days, and we are in the throws of a Colorado winter there has been talk of Sally Watertoo (the baby doll) needing a coat, hat and shoes. I had some fleece left over from Halloween two years ago, and used that along with some scraps from the bags to put together a little coat. It was a really simple, quick and enjoyable project.

Here is what I did.

  1. trace around an existing outfit to make pattern.
  2. cut two pattern pieces and then slice one down the middle to make the front side.
  3. make small slit in backside of coat – this will be the kick pleat.
  4. cut contrast trim pieces: triangular shape for kick pleat in back and 2 strips for front trim.
  5. pin and sew on contrast pieces.
  6. assemble coat – pin right side together and sew around edges.
  7. gift a little doll loving someone a cute little coat.

Sally Watertoo now has a lovely coat and bag and I packed away the sewing machine to help me refocus on knitting.


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