Projects I am flirting with for 2012

On Tuesday we headed up to Denver to visit Fancy Tiger Crafts in their new location and make a pit stop at IKEA to pick up a few things for a room redo for my son and a sewing/craft area for myself. The new Fancy Tiger store is amazing, and I could not resist getting a few things. I picked up this sewing pattern from Jen Giddens for a large pocket tote bag, along with some fun orange and eggplant fabric and all the supplies needed to tackle the project. I also purchased this vest pattern for my husband. Oddly enough he wants a vest, and I figure I’ll tackle it this year…if only I can get the nerve up for the steeking part. I picked up a neat book on photography as well, and Nana got a nice collection of yarn. I’m particularly envious of a lovely purple and orange super bulky skein and look forward to seeing what she creates with it.

So, here are things that are on my to do list for right now…

  • Get back on track with my Katie’s monthly motifs – I need to get both months 2 and 3 going!
  • Finish up the triangle shawl I cast on the other day
  • Work up this thorpe hat
  • Tackle the vest and bag patterns I picked up this week at Fancy Tiger
  • Sew the swaddle blanket from my newest sewing book acquisition Fiber-by-Fiber One Yard Wonders.
  • A seed stitch cowl – pattern and exact style TBD.
  • Knit a few projects and surprise a few folks with them
  • Try sewing an item of clothing for each of the kids
  • Keep the handmade gift thing going for non holiday gifts this year

Other projects I’m flirting with for 2012…

  • Katie is tackling a sweater this year – and put the idea in my head that I should join her in her sweater adventures…I saw this one here, and am flirting with the idea of trying that, or some other sweater, sometime.
  • As I mentioned, I did some work on the boy’s room, so now I’m thinking that the girl’s needs some attention as well. I’m considering sewing a fort or canopy or tent area for her.
  • I’m wondering if I should tackle a photo project to help me with my take more pics mission…I haven’t given this too much thought, but may be worth considering.
  • Another handmade holiday – but start a bit earlier 🙂

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