January Sew Along Project: Clutch

So, I decided to join in on the fabric-by-fabric sew along Africankelli is hosting. January’s project is a flannel Chenille Clutch, and I finished it up yesterday. My biggest challenges were sadly enough getting the squares cut evenly, and getting through all the layers, especially where I placed the webbing handle. I strayed from the pattern on the handle, and opted to sew a webbing wrist strap into the seam. It was a bit tough to get through all the layers, and its the one part of the finished project I am not sure about. I am considering getting the handy little seam ripper out, and taking it away the whole wrist strap. I figure the clutch will still be cute without the handle.
So the question is, leave it as is, take the strap out and have none, or replace it with some other kind of strap…

11 thoughts on “January Sew Along Project: Clutch

  1. i like the strap–at least the way it looks in the photo! I think it adds to the design –as well as the function of the clutch. the addition of the fabric motif to the strap material was a great idea. I think the clutch is a winner!!! I love how it turned out!
    One thought: Do you need a heavy duty type needle for your machine? Does anyone out there have suggestions?

    • Thanks Joni. I think the webbing strap was in my head because of the clutch I picked up at the holiday handmade this winter. This being nylon just isn’t as flexible, and looks a little different than I thought. Overall I’m pleased. I was joking with Katie that in person it looks homemade instead of nicely crafted handmade – but there in lies the whole reason for this adventure.

  2. Very cute and I love your fabric. I’d go with a pink-er strap or n strap, but then I’m all about being matchy-matchy … too much sometimes! I’d like to know whether you washed the square piece after sewing and cutting … because your rows lie so flat compared to mine. I washed and dried it before folding and stitching the clutch, and mine looks way poof-ier 🙂 See: http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveandsue/6749762399/in/photostream

    • Thanks. I did not wash the fabric, so maybe that is the difference. I figure there is no real rush on the strap, I plan to let it sit a bit and see of I find something better on my next fabric store visit.

  3. There are indeed different needles to go through different fabrics. I looks really fun and one thing that helps me before I stitch I iron to get some more flatness.

    • Thanks Mom. The machine did pretty well, even with the 9 layers doubled over – I think the addition of the webbing pieces just sent it over the edge :).

  4. First of all, it is BEAUTIFUL. I am so impressed! I love a functional strap on a clutch so I’m inclined to think you should keep one. If you are not thrilled with the one you have, maybe you can try again or knit an i-cord from leather laces – or with some other kind of cord you can find in a craft store?

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