New Things

I haven’t spent much time on the photography part of my mission. Well, there was the small task of photographing each classroom and putting together a slideshow for my daughter’s preschool…but not on my goal of capturing our family moments. I rely heavily on my iPhone, never taking out the dSLR since I have the phone with me most of the time. With my mission in mind, Santa surprised me with a tripod for Christmas; and I picked up a remote trigger for my camera – neither of which I have had the opportunity to play with yet. So, when I finished up the Lattice Lace Cowl, I decided to bust out the camera and tripod and try my hand at a few self/cowl portraits. I must admit the whole self portrait process had me feeling a little silly – I guess its a good reminder of how the folks I’m trying to photography may feel with the camera pointed at them.

The cowl is great – unique, versatile and cozy – and completed in the nick of time as snow flakes begin to fall here in CO this afternoon.

The project was quick and fun. I used the whole skein of Cascade Magnum on 35s, and it only took a few hours to work up – that is my kind of project! I wanted to be able to wrap it twice around my neck, which makes it a bit long when worn without the wrap.ย  I’m sure with a bit of messing and play, I’ll figure out the right way to rock it long too!

If interested, you can find the pattern for the cowl here.


12 thoughts on “New Things

  1. I think you take great shots of yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ and to see the intricacies of the work so close up is fabulous. Again an amazing result and now you get to wear it with the winter weather hitting your region. I love following your creative side and seeing it develop with big strides.

  2. Your cowl turned out beautiful…and your pictures are great. You are talented and so great to see your work on here. Thanks for the link to the cowl pattern!

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