February Sew Along Project: Barnaby Bear

This month for the Fabric by Fabric One Yard Wonders sew along, the corduroy Barnaby Bear was selected. My girl and I ran up to the fabric store, where she picked out a lovely dark purple cord, and a small piece of striped fabric to use as an accent. Today we tackled the project and she was a big help, especially once we got our communications dialed in. She was stationed under the table operating the presser foot for some part of the projects, and there was a lot of “don’t stop”, “yes, you need to still press” and of course … “stop, stop stop”.  She also assisted with turning body parts right side out, stuffing them with filler and made key design decisions – most notably the inclusion of a pouch or pocket on the bear’s backside. That girl loves her bags, pockets and pouches and it always stashing, stuffing and storing her things in little places.

All in all the project went well, and was pretty quick and fun for us both. I pre-cut the pieces, so today we just did the sewing and final assembly. We had a few snags – I accidentally poked the first eye through both the front and back of the bear (oops), but we rectified that will a little while heart applique on the back of its “head”. The second challenge was in sewing closed the hole I used to pull the fabric right side out. Simply put, it just not neat and pretty. I’m sure there is a technique that would go a long way to making the area less obvious, and exercising patience and resisting the urge to rush would likely help as well.  However, little Miss K is quite pleased with the teddy, and it was fun to do something together. Her brother arrived home from school just as we were finishing up, and immediately wanted to know what project he and I could do together. When asked what he had in mind he suggested a dinosaur…

Pinterest here I come – looks like there may be another softies in our future…

2 thoughts on “February Sew Along Project: Barnaby Bear

  1. I say BRAVO!!! for the outcome AND the process!!!
    Barnaby is pretty adorable!! and his” hearts” are well-placed!! Who’d know one was a “cover-up” for an “oops”!!!
    Enlisting your 3-yr old in the planning and actual sewing process makes it even more special! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the dinosaur next! 🙂 and then….?????? 🙂

    • Thanks Joni. We both had fun, and i think its pretty cute too. Kaya has since taking to stuffing the pocket of her fleece with the filler. I need to wrap my head around the dinosaur – figure out how to make one and include the ideas Tanner has. Yesterday he said he wants his pocket to be the mouth and teeth…oy.

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