Hey girl. I made you a gift.

I have been amusing myself with the Ryan Gosling Hey girl images, especially the handmade ones. My random outbursts of laughter got my husband wondering what I was up to, so I have shared a few with him, including this one here….

image source

Anyhow…my sister just celebrated her birthday this past weekend, and in preparation I was perusing her etsy faves list looking for gifts and ideas. I noticed she had a few fabric infinity scarves on there. I received a knit jersey infinity scarf two years ago from a friend and absolutely love it, wear it ridiculously often and have wanted to make one. I’ve saved a few tutorials on making circle scarves to my favorites over on CraftGawker. So, when I saw her list, I got a little excited and called my husband over to get his input. With enthusiasm I say “check it out, she likes these infinity scarves. what do you think? I could totally make something like that” and he said “Hey girl.”

I laughed. A lot.

So despite his teasing, I decided to go for it – continue with the handmade gift giving – and make her some infinity scarves. I picked up some fabric, used the the tutorials here and here, and got to work.

This was my first adventure in sewing with knit jersey. I looked around online for some advice, and noticed mention of using a walking foot. It just so happens that I purchased one when I was starting on my curtain project. So, I got fancy, busted it out and went to work on the jersey scarf. I also made a second scarf from a bright and summery floral print. I thought it would be a fun way to spice up a solid tee or tank this spring and summer. I had just finished up making a set of knitting project bags for my MILs birthday, and as I had more material lying around I made a little gift bag to put it all in.

Here is the finished project.

Happy Birthday Sista…I hope you enjoy your handmade gift!


3 thoughts on “Hey girl. I made you a gift.

  1. Hey girl 😉 love my scarves and bag. The colors are perfect. Sporting the green infinity scarf right now…love the soft jersey. Thank you!!!

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