The knitting bag, and her little after thought companions…

My 2012 project list included sewing a pocket tote bag (pattern (Jen Giddens) and materials picked up at Fancy Tiger) to serve as my knitting carry all. The one place to store the basic supplies, easily (and stylishly) carry around a current knitting project all the while tackling another sewing challenge. I received a project bag for Xmas, and have been using and enjoying it, and made a few several weeks ago as a gift for Nana’s birthday. I had some basic supplies on hand and while working on the tote bag, I figured it would be fun to make a few project bags to go along with it. Using the left over material from the tote, I tried my hand at sewing scraps together to spice up the project bags a bit. With my husbands requested vest in mind, I made one larger one with the intention of it being good for larger project such as the vest or a future sweater, and a smaller one to fit projects like a little hat (I’ve got this one here on my needles) or monthly motif project (its time to tackle Motif 4!).Ā  Speaking of the vest, the yarn in the pics below is what my husband picked out for his vest – and I do intend to get going on this sometime soon. Although given that it is already March coupled with the amount of time he spends in the UAE – there isn’t a real rush to get it done.

This was one of the more complex project I have done so far, and also my first time using the interface lining. There were a lot of similar techniques from the kids messenger bags I made for Christmas which made this a lot easier. So, here it is – my fancy new knitting bag and her little companions.

I am thrilled with the outcome, and wishing today had not been a snow day, as I had grand visions of carting my little craft tote down to the coffee shop to make progress on the project on my needles. Alas, a few inches of snow and a school cancellation later, my bag has yet to be put to use.


9 thoughts on “The knitting bag, and her little after thought companions…

  1. 0000uuuu!!!! They are wonderful–the big one and the companion bags!! I love the way you used the fabric scraps to turn the little bags into works of art! They are all “delicious”!!! I love the way the tote turned out. I think it would even be great for a summer purse. Want to take orders? šŸ™‚

  2. I think when they are both in school full time that there must be a little business in the future:-) This is just fantastic. Like I said when I took sewing I was not where you are at this point. I am so proud of you for figuring this out and obviously having lots of talent. I must admit I secretly think you must have your grandmother’s and my gene. I guess I can be permitted to think that as your Mom:-) xoxo

  3. I love this bag!!! I have to make one for my knitting! Can you tell me where to get the pattern? I tried finding it on Jen’s site and also at the Fancy Tiger site but could not find it. Thanks!!!
    ps we moved from CO not too long ago…wish I would have visited the Fancy Tiger before we left looks like an amazing store!

    • Thanks! I don’t think fancy tiger sells stuff online, but you could call them and ask of they have it. I bought it in the store – it’s called the pocket tote. It appear from Jen’s Etsy shop she is on vacation. Perhaps you can send her a message/inquiry about the pattern and she when she will be back.

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