Saying goodbye to our dog

This past week was hard, our sweet doggie Jackson passed away unexpectedly. While he was getting older and slowing down, at 10, I expected a few more years to enjoy the furry little beast. He was a great dog. In his younger years he joined us on all our adventures, mountain biking, following us down the river while we kayaked, a few back country skiing adventures and lots of hikes. As the kids came, Jackson’s life got a little less exciting. One of the things I treasure most is how awesome he was with our children. The kids loved Jackson in a big way, and were regularly in his space. And, I like to think Jackson loved them too – and I mean in more than just a way to score food. From the moment we brought our first home from the hospital to the day he passed away, Jackson was a big part of their lives. I will remember with amusement what a nutcase he was at times – behaving like a 50 lb lap dog when storms rolled in, fire works went off or any other random noise sent him cowering underfoot. He was patient, always up for a cuddle, a bit neurotic and totally awesome. He will be dearly missed.


10 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to our dog

  1. Jackson was such a joy and even when he was being annoying–like barking just as the baby was finally asleep– he was undeniably loveable! Who could resist that little “look”, or his pawing asking for for MORE scritching. He was the best-natured dog I’ve ever known. He possessed a unique balance of mellow and exuberance!
    The photo tribute you posted is beautiful, Surya. It is obvious that Jackson felt loved and content and a was a real part of your family.
    I know how much you all miss him. We are feeling sad too.
    We send our love and hugs to you all.
    Joni and Gary

  2. Great pictures !! I remember the day you brought him home. And remember when we watched him for you when he was a puppy and he fell in our window well :). He was a great dog a d will be missed.

    • Thanks Suzannah – he always did like lounging indoors best – I guess it started young with his escape into your basement through the window. 🙂

  3. There are so many thoughts and memories on Jackson. I so remember the excited call when you and Drew drove home with him and you told us about this puppy on your lap. When we then came, it became a tradition that we had our own doggie treats for him and he , like the kids later followed the suitcase down. In the older house he would come down and sit in front of the drawer of the dresser until the treat came out. Dad and I admired his patience with the kids and his total loyalty to them. We are so glad to have visited with you all so our memory now hold his last weeks. He truly had a sweet and special personality and we will think of him fondly always.

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