Baby Cardigan

Many many years ago we met a wonderful couple and became great friends. They moved, did the school thing, we had a kid, they moved again, we had another kid, they settled down in NC and started a family too…and now its been years since we’ve seen them and our emails and chats have become sporadic at best. Well, they just had another baby and I jumped at the chance to do a little something. I’ve wanted a baby to make stuff for, and I just don’t know anyone around these parts having babies! This cardigan is great in so many ways. The single piece pattern means limited sewing when finished, the lovely seed stitch trim is to die for, its a quick knit with simple, easy to follow directions and lastly its just plain cute. However, this should not come as a surprise as this is a Joelle Hoverson design from her book More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.

I went with a neutral superwash merino and then added some green buttons for a little pop of fun. The hand knit tag is something I downloaded this winter during the handmade holiday extravaganza from Elisa McLaughlin Designs and think it is a fun touch and a good place to put a spare button.

Even though its on a very small scale, this is my first garment…woot woot! It’s supposed to be a 9 month size, so we shall see if it fits the little guy this fall/winter. Need a gift for a little new person, or someone expecting – this should certainly be a contender!


13 thoughts on “Baby Cardigan

  1. It is just so adorable and he will look so handsome in it. He is a lucky baby to be gifted something warm and cozy and handmade.

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