Gifts for Gents: Felt iPhone Case

My folks got fancy and picked up a set of iPhones recently. I knitted an iPhone cozy for my mom a while back. My Dad mentioned he was interested in one, but with one small request…a place to hold the headphones that come along with the iPhone. I didn’t feel like a knitted one was quite masculine enough, nor did I know how to tackle the whole pocket thing…so, I opted to go down the sewing route. After a failed attempt with some geometric fabric, I switched gears and came up with a little something else; a felt iPhone case.

I ended up trying a few different options – the flap/pocket, one with a band across the back, one with a narrower flap…all looked good, had varying pocket sizes, and all followed the same basic steps. The fun part is you can easily modify the pattern to suit your needs. Here are the steps I took.

  1. Cut two strips of felt, one for the body and one for the cover. The width of the felt should cover both the width and depth of the phone (including any case on the phone), as well as the seam allowance. In my case, the body of the case was 3.5 inches in width and 10 inches long. The case cover was also 3.5 inches, and I cut a curved edge for interest.
  2. Assemble the pieces and mark the snap location.
  3. Instal the snap to each piece of the phone case. I bought a little kit from one of the local shops.
  4. Line up the snaps and find the proper placement of the cover on the backside of the phone case.
  5. With the case unfolded, sew along the bottom edge of the case cover attaching the cover to the back of the case.
  6. Refold the case, and sew up each side of the case.
  7. Voila, you are done and can enjoy the new phone case.


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