On and off my needles

As of last night, I’ve got 12 inches done on the Alberta vest. I’m slowly making my way to the goal of 14, at which point things start to get more interesting with shaping the shoulder area.

In the meantime … because for some reason I like to have a few thing going at once … I cast on some fingerless gloves. My stash isn’t large, but I have a few skeins that were given to me over the years and I wanted to put them to use. One of them is a skein of Noro Kureyon and this camp out mitt pattern is just perfect for my one little skein. We are planning on camping in Moab over memorial day weekend, so in addition to being pretty, they may come in handy as well!


Despite the image, I’m just about finished with the first glove.

I also just finished up motif 5, from my Learn-to knit Katie monthly knit along.


I’m still on a mission to find summery knits, more specifically neck accessories, and I have a serious crush on another Brooklyn Tweed pattern (shocking I know) the Rock Island Lace Triangle. So, my internal dialogue goes a little something like this: It is so pretty. It is a bit intimidating. I think I’m in love. I don’t know a thing about blocking wires and T pins, nor do I have the supplies. It would be a challenge. Could this be the perfect summer accessory? What if I spend the time and it isn’t my thing…and so on and so forth. Dilemmas, dilemmas!

On the sewing front I missed last months sew along. Between the construction at our home and torn up craft area, our vacation and Jackson’s passing, it just didn’t happen. However, I have the sewing area back together, and picked up supplies so there is no excuse to get back on track with the project for this month!

There you have it, the crafty update. I hope you are finding and finishing fun things.

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