She pulled on her tutu, grabbed her bear and had a dance party.



The silent zone

Right before school ended for the year, we joined my son for field day. The kids had a blast working through a number of stations such as foot races, soccer, a maze, juggling, face painting and even a silent zone. Ahhhh, the silent zone…the kids were supposed to sit in there for one minute to earn their stamp for that activity. My kiddo decided he was going to break the record, and so began a most surprising occurrence…30 minutes of not one word out of my son! He is a chatter box…a unending stream of questions…be it what, why or how. He is also a committed little individual, and once he set his mind to the record I had little doubt he would in fact make it happen.

I must confess we did try to break him…but despite the giggles, he held strong.

The alberta vest in all its finished glory

Drew likes it (yippe) and it appears to fit (woohoo)…and I completed my first adult garment! Of course I will have to wait until the fall to see him bust it out. I finished the vest several weeks ago, but have been slow in getting things off my camera. Truthfully I’ve been slow at many things on the crafting and blogging front. With summer here and Drew home, our whole schedule and routine was shaken up a bit. We are enjoying summer to the fullest, and my craft time has taken a back seat to swimming pools, bike rides and good old fashioned summer time family fun. I have squeaked in a bit of knitting. I am almost done with motif 6, and have about 10 repeats down on the Rock Island with a long road of lace edging ahead.

Happy Summer!

On the needles

It took a back seat while I finished the Alberta, but I am making progress on motif 6, a smocked tassel stitch.


In the meantime, I also cast on the rock island. Wow…I’m only a few repeats in on the edge with many, many, many more to go. I’m keeping the end picture in mind…I want to wear that gorgeous shawl and I will make it through all that lace!