Monthly Motifs 6 & 7

I’m blocking motifs 6 and 7, and ready to once again play catch up on the monthly motifs. I have motifs 8, 9 and 10 ready to be tackled! I am going to need some more yellow yarn, but going to the yarn shop is never a task, especially with school getting back in gear. I am getting excited to see the whole project come together.



Hallelujah…I’ve Made Progress

So, as it turns out what my Rock Island shawl and I really needed was a long weekend in West Palm Beach. A few days with two of my buds was great for me, and the flights there are back were awesome for my Rock Island! Flying without the fam in tow means knitting, coffee, books…in short a whole different luxurious traveling experience. I knocked out most of the edging on the plane (woot, woot), and finished it up on the drive to camping with family this weekend. While camping I picked up all my stitches and finished the first small garter section. Now it’s on to the rock island lace section…I’m feeling optimistic, I’ve got my rock island mojo back!

west palm fun




rock island progress



camping fun with a motif 7 cameo




August Sew Along: Swaddle Blanket

One of my first sewing projects was the flannel swaddle blanket from the Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders book. This project, and looking at the book’s FaceBook page lead me to and her monthly sew along. So, when Kelli asked if I’d be willing to sew another blanket and share my thoughts on the process, I said heck yeah! The timing worked well, as this past weekend I saw my dear friend Katie who is expecting.

The swaddle blanket is a simple project. Three pattern pieces are cut, the swaddle ties are joined to make one large tie, and then bias tape is sewn along the outside edge of both pieces. Once that is completed, you attach the tie to the back of the blanket and you are all done. It seems to me, the key to this project is patience and precision … neatly attaching the bias tape, and making sure that you get the seam enclosed when making the large swaddle tie.

I am still new to sewing, and the swaddle blankets are the only times I’ve worked with bias tape. I turned to the Angry Chicken tutorial on applying bias tape found here and followed her steps. I’m certain there are other ways to go about getting the bias tape on there, however I’m not very patient and the thought of lots and lots of pinning is unappealing so this seemed like a good way. In the spirit of full disclosure, my bias tape application wasn’t the neatest and I have already fessed up about my lack of patience. Despite the slips in craftsmanship, Katie was really pleased with the blanket, and I look forward to seeing a chubby baby all snuggled up in there this winter.