Drew’s Race Across the Sky

In the middle of August, my husband did a quite impressive (and a bit crazy) thing…he rode in the Leadville 100 Trail MTB race, one of the nation’s best known ultra marathon mountain bike races. Drawing nearly 2000 riders from all over the world, the Race Across the Sky is a grueling course with more than 12,000 feet of elevation gain over 100 miles and climbs to 12,424 feet at its halfway point where riders turn around and ride back into town. My husband had a good race; and he was pleased with his finish, his belt buckle and his experience as a whole. The kids and I headed up to Leadville to offer support and cheer the riders on, and my sister even timed her Colorado visit to take in the race as well. While I have done a few century road rides, I can’t even begin to imagine tackling 100 miles on a mountain bike with that kind of climbing at those elevations. It was a seriously impressive accomplishment!

40 miles in…and still smiling!

My sister and Kaya cheering on the riders.

We made a lot of noise, saw Drew come through twin lakes again on his way down from the race high point and then headed into town to see the finish.

Just over 11 hours in the saddle, Drew is done!

Despite their immediate grab at his medal, I think they were pleased to see him as well 🙂

Well on second thought, Tanner was pretty focused on the medal.

…oh, and I almost forgot, in the late hours of Thursday evening before heading up to Leadville, Drew decided he needed a pouch for his bike to store some food where it was easily accessible while riding. Being the ever supportive wife with crafty aspirations I happily scoured my fabric stash, found some remnants and fashioned a lovely little pouch to velcro onto his bike frame. I am sure this lovely pouch was the envy of all the racers…hehehe…

One thought on “Drew’s Race Across the Sky

  1. It is a pretty amazing accomplishment and something he will have for the rest of his life. Looks like a fun weekend with lots of cheering by all:-)

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