Our Whirlwind Adventure

It was totally unplanned, unexpected, completely exciting and a wee bit nerve-wracking. We had plans for thanksgiving…the traditional, everyday, normal sort of plans that involved a visit from my in laws, the return of my husband from his business travels and a fun time all together. In the late afternoon, the day before the in laws pending arrival, I get a voice mail from my husband (a rare occurrence, we tend to stick with Skype/ FaceTime) – long story short, he can’t make it back and do we want to come to visit him in the UAE? I got a little twitchy, went a little crazy, had my stomach in knots…but we went for it, and did a whirlwind 6 day trip to Abu Dhabi and back. We had a few hurdles to cross, i.e. passport renewal in 24 hours, a nana and pop visit to postpone, packing and getting ready for lots of travel with two kids…you know, the usual when you make last minute plans to trek half way around the globe. But it was all so very very worth it! We got to spend the Thanksgiving together, and experience a new country, its culture and get a glimpse of where my husband spends a good bit of time. Instead of cozy fires and crisp fall air, we spent Thanksgiving in the warm sunshine, swimming, dune bashing, camel riding and getting sand in every possible crack and crevice – and we loved every minute of it.  Beach2BeachhennacamelsIMG_6922duneskidsondunesportraitsunset

And to top it all off, I even got some work done on my Calla Cami. I thought I might be delusional to pack knitting when traveling alone with two kids, but I managed to squeak out a few inches! And now that we are back, it is time to get serious about Christmas, and figure out if I can do another handmade extravaganza. To be honest, it is feeling ambitious, and I may just need to scale back a bit and focusing on a few key handmade gifts and be okay with that. The list making, Ravelry surfing and supply procuring has begun in earnest…and yes, I know…I’m a bit late! Oy! Let the crafting begin.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday filled with good things.


Warm Wishes: Knitting for those Impacted by Sandy

Like many people, I have dear friends that were impacted when Sandy came tearing through the East Coast. In talking with one of them, I mentioned wishing there was something hands on I could do. With the cold weather approaching, power outages, and loss of homes and possessions, and she cleverly suggested knitting hats.

This I could do!

I roped another friend into joining me, and we spent the past week knitting up a storm. We put together a little care package with 6 hats, 3 scarves/cowls, 2 fingerless mitts and a couple of head wraps. We used the handmade tags found here, and included a little note. The package is in the mail, en route to my friend in New Jersey who will bring the knitted goodies to those in need.

I hope this is just the beginning. I will be making and sending more hand knit goods. Uniquities Yarn Shop, a yarn shop in my Mom’s neck of the woods got wind of our little project when my mom went in to pick up some supplies to help further our cause and they expressed interest in getting involved, and my often mentioned friend Katie her community was heavily hit as well) just put a call out to her circle of knitters to make and send knitted goodies her way for distribution.

To my friend MJ who got this whole things going…thank you for a great idea, for giving me a way to help out and let the folks in your community know we are thinking of them, and for distributing our hand-made goodies to those in need!

Grab your needles or your hooks, rummage through your stash or visit your local yarn shop, whip up a special hand-made warm accessory…and send a warm wooly hug to someone impacted by the storm.

*if you want to knit, I can get you connected to folks for distribution – just leave a comment!

I know, I know…another cowl…

So this lovely cowl came about in a rather strange way. I saw some gorgeous Cascade Chunky Baby Alpaca in one of my all time favorite colors, and I just had to have it. I have had the GAP-tastic cowl on my favorites list over on Ravelry for some time, and thought maybe it would be the perfect project. Instead of forging ahead, I became tentative and decided I would try out the pattern with some cheaper yarn and make sure I liked what was happening before committing my super delightful sweet sweet green alpaca yarn. I got working on the GAP-tastic and dragged it around to a soccer game, a soccer practice and a birthday party and in no time the cowl was complete. I love it, just as it is…cheap oatmeal yarn and all!In fact, I am so pleased with this one that I am not sure I should make a second one with my fancy yarn. So now the questions is…what to do with alpaca!

Good Intentions

I had good intentions to participate in the fabric by fabric one yard wonders sew along this past month. I’m interested in the project, wanted to make it, have an idea of someone I would gift it to and even bought fabric, but alas Halloween preparations, costume creations and some more knitting got in the way.

I will tackle it this fall, because I do believe it will be the perfect gift for a certain someone!

I have some photos to post, a few knitting projects to blog and handmade Christmas to wrap my head around!