The Holiday Knit List

Slowly but surely I am making progress. I am hard at work on the things needing to be shipped. I was feeling a little scattered having started all the projects, and working on them simultaneously. But today I got one set done, finished a knitting project for another package and decided to focus on getting those two boxes out – even if it means interrupting the knitting to get a quick sewing project done.

The knit list includes several hats, a cowl, some mitts, a cardigan, two scarf hood pocket combo and who knows what else will crop up.

1. I tried a new self created design on the cowl…in hind sight gifts are not the right place to experiment! While it turned out well enough, I would certainly change some things the next time.

2. The downside to mitts and the such is the elation you feel at completing a project is short lived as the realization you are only half way there and need to cast on and repeat it all again quickly sets in. The upside is that the Malabrigo merino worsted is a total joy to work with – and I can’t wait to find new projects to use that wool on. Glad to have finally tried this yarn!

3. The kids wanted hood scarf combo with pockets, and while I found a pattern I am going to work from, there will need to be some modifications. Let me refer back to point 1, and the danger of experimentation on gifts and, then also mention that my son (the kids are in on the gift as they requested the project and selected their own yarn) said “mom, please do Kaya’s first since you haven’t done this before. Little stinker :). The modifications aren’t too drastic, so hopefully we will be in good shape.

…and with that, I need to get back to doing instead of writing about doing.

Hope your crafty endeavors are going well and you are enjoying this holiday season!