4/52 {a late start to a weekly portrait project}

I was poking around online this morning, and came across a 52 Project started by Che & Fidel (I saw it first via BleuBirdBlog) where she is making a portrait of each of her kids once a week. I’m feeling inspired to join in…even if I m a little bit late. That is okay right…its still a fun journey and the end result of documenting our family, one week and one moment at a time, seems exciting with a valuable end result, all the while being good practice for my photography as well. As things are shaping up, this year may prove to be an exciting one filled with some interesting adventures. My daughter is a little reluctant to have her photo taken, but I’m going to give it a whirl and see what happens.

So there you have it…the beginning of a weekly photo project, a few weeks behind.



“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”



A long time coming

It was a hot mess getting to this point…not sure why I struggled so much at the start of the rock island chart – but somewhere along the way knitting rows 1-4 over and over and over again (thankful for the lifeline at the start of the section) – I saw the light, the pattern became clear and I figured it out.

I am beyond thrilled to be done with the chart and happily moving onto all the garter that comes next. I may just finish this project after all! The fact that I put a moratorium on starting anything new for myself is helping.

And here it is – my WIP rock island shawl with a finished rock island section!


Handmade Holiday 2012

Wow…how is it mid January already?! The holidays were a whirlwind of family, fun, the flu and some serious movie marathons as we struggled to get healthy. The little people in our house were even sick Christmas Eve, and sadly my son spent much of Christmas day with a bucket at the ready. Despite it all, it was a nice time, and this year’s crop of handmade gifts were well received. I was not quite as ambitious as last year, but still managed to pull together a nice collection.

Most of the gifts were knitted this year, but I did sew up some pot holders for my sister, and Nana and I collaborated on a reading tent for my daughter, which she is pretty excited about. The knit list included these honeycomb mitts, and each of these lovely hats from purlbee.com. I did the wide brim one for my dad and the smaller simple brim one for my father in law in the larger size mentioned in the comments. I made a cowl and slouchy hat for my niece. The slouchy hat was this pattern here, and I tried something of my own for the cowl, a big twist. As I mentioned in my last post (a long long long time ago) the design can use some work, but as a first go, overall I was pleased. I pulled together a few quick cowls (drop stitch cowl and big lace scarf (which I turned into a cowl)) together for friends – in my book nothing says happy holidays like a big ole snugly cowl. Here is a sampling of the projects.
My sister is expecting which is super exciting and having a baby to knit for is making me giddy. I had an especially good time making this little cardigan for the little bean. It is the Puerperium Cardigan by Kelly Brooker of knit.so.quaint, and can be found on ravlery.
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So, that is the handmade holiday 2012 wrap up.  I am looking forward to more handmade gifts this year, and continuing on my journey to become a better knitter, learn more about sewing and doing it well, and pick up the always lagging photography aspect of my little mission. Hope you had a great holiday…and all the best for a crafty new year!