A long time coming

It was a hot mess getting to this point…not sure why I struggled so much at the start of the rock island chart – but somewhere along the way knitting rows 1-4 over and over and over again (thankful for the lifeline at the start of the section) – I saw the light, the pattern became clear and I figured it out.

I am beyond thrilled to be done with the chart and happily moving onto all the garter that comes next. I may just finish this project after all! The fact that I put a moratorium on starting anything new for myself is helping.

And here it is – my WIP rock island shawl with a finished rock island section!



5 thoughts on “A long time coming

  1. Wow, that is so beautiful, Cannot wait for a picture of you wearing it. I just love the deep warm color. You have quite a talent with those knitting needles.

    • Thanks ma. It really isn’t too bad as long as you can follow the directions without making silly errors! It just took me a LONG time to stop making the silly errors or catch them before I kept charging ahead!

    • Thanks! How is your knitter coming along with the project? The marking of the beginning and end of the 17 row repeats made a big difference for me. Also, when I finally saw the pattern and thought of it in the 3 stitch groupings, that helped a lot too.

  2. Hooray!! It is beautiful!! It is definitely a wearable pat on the back!! You did a great job and stayed with it in spite of those pesky setbacks!! Clearly it was worth the effort!! You will be glamorous wearing it!! 🙂

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