This week was all about snow. From snowy days and missing school, to a weekend spent in the mountains skiing and enjoying time with our friends in their cabin, to driving home in a blizzard with low visibility (not very fun). Here the kids and I were out shoveling and goofing around in the snow. We had hoped to finally build a snowman, but alas, the snow was pretty dry.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”



A Birthday Shrug

shrug2upI was at a local yarn shop with my mother in law a few weeks ago, and she came across this lovely yarn with a pattern at the store for a circle vest. Apparently she has been appreciating the project for some time…and with a little nudging decided to go for it and give the project a try. I got inspired, and thought it might make a great gift for my sister – her birthday was coming up, and she is expecting. I had this vision of her cute belly peeking out from under the big shawl collar, and the sides of the vest flowing down around her sides. I think she should be able to wear it open and hanging, or pinned together right at the chest. At any rate, I decided to give the pattern a go and knitted up this fun circle vest for her birthday. I used four skeins of Cascade 128 and the pattern was kind of interesting. You knit the circle in the round, do a little decreasing and then hold half the stitches on waste yarn, knit up the other half and then join the two sets of live stitches. I was a little concerned when I first finished it, but after a good long soak, and a heavy block it all seemed to come together. I hope it fits. I hope she likes it. And I hope her bump looks as cute as I imagined it would.

Happy Birthday Sista!

The Rock Island Saga Comes to an End

The Rock Island Shawl is off my needles, can you believe it!?! I received the supplies to do the blocking (thank you Joni), and hope to tackle that, snap some photos and wear it proudly this next week.

What a production!

And yet, once I got it sorted out it wasn’t to bad.

My Rock Island was like child birth…a 9 month production that at times was painful and tiring, but yielded something quite gorgeous that I am sure will bring me joy. And much like having children, I can imagine a day when the “pain” will recede from memory, and the idea of doing it all over again may sound like an appealing idea. Perhaps one day I will tackle the second colorway I ambitiously purchased when I first decided to tackle the project.

And…as my friend Katie said when learning of my Rock Island’s finished status…It is time to block it and rock it!