A Birthday Shrug

shrug2upI was at a local yarn shop with my mother in law a few weeks ago, and she came across this lovely yarn with a pattern at the store for a circle vest. Apparently she has been appreciating the project for some time…and with a little nudging decided to go for it and give the project a try. I got inspired, and thought it might make a great gift for my sister – her birthday was coming up, and she is expecting. I had this vision of her cute belly peeking out from under the big shawl collar, and the sides of the vest flowing down around her sides. I think she should be able to wear it open and hanging, or pinned together right at the chest. At any rate, I decided to give the pattern a go and knitted up this fun circle vest for her birthday. I used four skeins of Cascade 128 and the pattern was kind of interesting. You knit the circle in the round, do a little decreasing and then hold half the stitches on waste yarn, knit up the other half and then join the two sets of live stitches. I was a little concerned when I first finished it, but after a good long soak, and a heavy block it all seemed to come together. I hope it fits. I hope she likes it. And I hope her bump looks as cute as I imagined it would.

Happy Birthday Sista!

7 thoughts on “A Birthday Shrug

  1. It looks great!! I hope mine turns out as well!! I like how it’s coming along–but i am trying not to worry about the “3 needle bind-off” that completes the project!! Visualizing how great the shrug is going to be once i master that little technique SHOULD help!! Thanks for being an inspiration for “Can do!!”

  2. I totally missed your post … but will just say I am on VERY lucky sister and totally love my shrug vest. Have worn it with many compliments and think it features the baby bump quite well! Andy even liked it so much he said I should commission you for another one in a different color … might be time to get that Etsy shop started 😉

    • Thanks Dharma, glad you are enjoying it, and nice Andy likes it as well! With every passing day my time to knit for you diminishes…cause you know, the minute my niece or nephew arrives its gonna be all about the baby knits. I want to make something that isn’t gender neutral!

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