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Being part of the tree chorus in the 1st grade production of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and kicking off spring break, and a visit from Oma and Opa, with a bit of crafts.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”





It was a busy week (and this is late), and before I knew it I had not taken the camera out once. I did manage to grab this shot on my phone of our mountain bike ride. So, that is what I have to mark this week in my photo project to chronicle this year, one week at a time.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”



Sadly, I haven’t been knitting much, as I have been rather busy with a project for my daughter’s amazing preschool. It has been great fun working on the school’s annual fundraiser (the event is this evening), but a lot of work too. Despite it all, I have been sneaking in a bit of knitting here and there.

I started this lovely Autumn Blush shawl with some pretty alpaca yarn my mom sent me for Christmas…but have abandoned it as I think the “paints” yarn is a bit too busy with the pattern, and part of what I love is seeing the double seed stitch which wasn’t really happening. This is my first go at using variegated yarn, and I’ve been a bit unsure of how best to show off its lovely color. I settled on this here Maraa shawl. I will tackle the Autumn Blush again, but either with the yarn it was designed for, or with some Malabrigo silk merino I have in my stash.


In the meantime, I am knitting up another gifted item. I received a Brooklyn Tweed Guernsey Wrap kit from my mother in law. I love the pattern, how something so pretty and interesting can develop from simply switching between knits and purl stitches. While this isn’t my first Brooklyn Tweed pattern, this is my first time around using their yarn. I’d have to say I am enjoying working with it, and it looks just perfect in the pattern. It also kind of makes we want to make the Rosebud hat again using their yarn.


Last fall I had a color and style crush on an image I saw via Pinterest – well specifically the GIANT raspberry colored cowl the gal was wearing in that image…and I kind of cast on in the hopes of making something like it for myself. It has been my having a conversation in the car while driving up to ski knit. I think my rows are tighter, I was using the suggested needles size for the yarn, and if I look at the image it is likely knit up a bit more loosely. Ah well. I am only a little bit into it all, but not feeling overly enthusiastic about working on it, especially since I have other interesting things to be working on.

I have also finally pulled two of my long, long, long hibernating projects out, dusted them off and started a bit of work on them here and there…those two projects would be the Calla Cami and Motif 8. I know…I still have the rest of the motifs to work through so I can get my blanket done! And…as it turns out, this is the perfect time to finish up the Calla Cami so I can wear it and enjoy it this spring (assuming I’ve got the right size going, etc.).

So, there you have it…my knitting round up.

I see a trip to the fabric store in my near future. I have a few things cooking, and I have been feeling the need to change things up a bit.


10cominghome1 10cominghome510cominghome6Even though he is getting all big and tough, he still bring special giraffe with him to pick up dad at the airport in case he falls asleep on the ride home…just sayin’ you may be 7 and all that, but you’re still my little guy from time to time.  Apparently, she think the best way to reunite after a few weeks is to rub her animal on your head. And finally, its a big pile of family lovin’. We missed you!

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”


time to get back in the saddle

A few months ago, while having a nice online chat with my husband, he causally brought up a series of emails going back and forth between his buddies and him about a bike race in which they were planning to participate. Let me interject here that I got a new swanky mountain bike at the end of last year, and also have run my mouth on several occasions about the possibility of doing a bike race. I’m one of those gals that stay better motivated when having something to train for. My foot/heel has never quite recovered from my year of running half marathons, coupled with the fact I actually quite enjoy riding, and this whole notion of a mountain bike race or event seemed like a good idea. Back to the online chat…he suggests I should sign up too. Suckered in by the little gleam in his eye, I hear myself utter the words…alright, yeah I’ll do it with you.

ALRIGHT?! Am I nuts? I just agreed to do a 32 mile mountain bike race! So, when I toyed with the idea of racing I was thinking of a nice manageable beginner race, and here I’ve signed up for what will be my second longest ever mountain bike ride. And let’s be honest, the longest one, a 36 miler several years back, was not pretty. There may or may not have been a few tears shed, several mechanical issues, a good bit of crashing and I do believe my fingers were so sore and tired I could hardly grip the brakes by the time all was said and done. Now, on a positive note, I have improved a bit as a rider since then, and am probably in better shape too. But, I do know this…this isn’t going to be an easy undertaking, and I need to get this training business underway, because the end of May will be here before I know it!

I’ve been in denial and working my way through a bunch of excuses, some legit and some not so much. But, in the words of my dear friend Carrie, the 32 miles aren’t going to ride themselves. And with that nice little pep talk, and this little confession here…I can’t pretend any longer, its time to get back on the bike.

Let the training begin!

…I wonder if I can knit while riding the spin bike?!?



This was our last week of the Bombers ski program at Breckenridge, and the first time I brought the kids up solo as Drew is traveling. We did just fine the three of us, with only two little bumps in the road: forgetting the sunscreen (hence his red nose & red cheeks and his sad little chapped chin) and a glove that went MIA for a bit, but was later found when we back tracked. It has been fun seeing the kids enjoy the Bombers ski program, and learn a ton. Tanner says his favorite things about skiing are jumping, moguls (or movels as he call them from time to time) and skiing in the trees. Oy! Kaya quickly announced she liked jumping best too…double Oy! But, even though I have not seen her do any jumping, she is one to do things with gusto…be it skiing, protesting, snuggling or finger painting.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”