time to get back in the saddle

A few months ago, while having a nice online chat with my husband, he causally brought up a series of emails going back and forth between his buddies and him about a bike race in which they were planning to participate. Let me interject here that I got a new swanky mountain bike at the end of last year, and also have run my mouth on several occasions about the possibility of doing a bike race. I’m one of those gals that stay better motivated when having something to train for. My foot/heel has never quite recovered from my year of running half marathons, coupled with the fact I actually quite enjoy riding, and this whole notion of a mountain bike race or event seemed like a good idea. Back to the online chat…he suggests I should sign up too. Suckered in by the little gleam in his eye, I hear myself utter the words…alright, yeah I’ll do it with you.

ALRIGHT?! Am I nuts? I just agreed to do a 32 mile mountain bike race! So, when I toyed with the idea of racing I was thinking of a nice manageable beginner race, and here I’ve signed up for what will be my second longest ever mountain bike ride. And let’s be honest, the longest one, a 36 miler several years back, was not pretty. There may or may not have been a few tears shed, several mechanical issues, a good bit of crashing and I do believe my fingers were so sore and tired I could hardly grip the brakes by the time all was said and done. Now, on a positive note, I have improved a bit as a rider since then, and am probably in better shape too. But, I do know this…this isn’t going to be an easy undertaking, and I need to get this training business underway, because the end of May will be here before I know it!

I’ve been in denial and working my way through a bunch of excuses, some legit and some not so much. But, in the words of my dear friend Carrie, the 32 miles aren’t going to ride themselves. And with that nice little pep talk, and this little confession here…I can’t pretend any longer, its time to get back on the bike.

Let the training begin!

…I wonder if I can knit while riding the spin bike?!?


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