Off my needles: Määrä


I am so glad I decided to make the Määrä with the variegated yarn I was gifted by my Mom. It is this yarn in the Mesa colorway. The simplicity of the shawl shows off the color beautifully. Despite being simple, there is a little hint of fun with the ruffle edge and picot bind off, and I just love it. I have worn it a lot since it came off the needles, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


I did read in another person’s project notes they left the top edge on scrap yarn instead of binding off, and then picking up the stitches to do the picot edge as per the pattern. I had planned to do that, but when the time came I was out of the house, and didn’t have scrap yarn. I am not a fan of the whole picking up stitches thing, so in hind sight, it would have been better to just be patient, get the scrap yarn and go down that route.

One thought on “Off my needles: Määrä

  1. nice work! The yarn and pattern work well together. I agree the little ruffle/ picot edge gives it just the right “surprise ending.”
    Thanks for the instructive comments re the scrap yarn technique.

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