FO: Guernsey Wrap


It’s a good thing we’ve had some crazy random spring snow in these parts, because a few weeks ago I finished my Guernsey Wrap. I love this project…the making of it, the pattern, the yarn, the finished product…and I may have to wrap myself in it all summer long – even if I’m a hot sweaty mess. I especially enjoyed working with the Brooklyn Tweed yarn, which was a first for me, and I love how such an amazing pattern can emerge from simply switching between two simple stitches…knits and purls.


Never ending

I fear it will be next summer before this shawl see the light of day. The edging is taking forever…26 repeats down, and 46 to go! Between the teeny tiny yarn, the lace and my periodic mistakes this is a slow going project. I’m debating whether or not to take it on my trip this weekend – lots of dedicated time to knit (I’m traveling solo) vs. working on something that may give me the illusion of progress…


On the needles

It took a back seat while I finished the Alberta, but I am making progress on motif 6, a smocked tassel stitch.


In the meantime, I also cast on the rock island. Wow…I’m only a few repeats in on the edge with many, many, many more to go. I’m keeping the end picture in mind…I want to wear that gorgeous shawl and I will make it through all that lace!