Baby Shower & Handmade Gifts

As I mentioned earlier, I went back to VA to help throw a baby shower for my sister who is expecting her first in June. My mom and I hosted her shower, and also both set out to do some handmade gifts for her and the baby. My mom is quite crafty as well, and while it has traditionally been on the sewing machine, she picked up her hooks and busted out a few crocheted blankets as well. I ended up making the Lotta Jansdotter’s Snuggler and Tag Blankie from the Simple Sewing for Babies. The kids and I made a little dog rattle for the baby as well. The idea came from the book Sewing School, and we then added the rattle part inspired by the rattles in the Simple Sewing for Babies. That project involved them decorating the puppy outline with crayons and then ironing the dog to set the colors. We then turned it into a little plush and added the rattle.

showergifts1 showergifts2 showergifts3

We had some crafty fun at the shower too. We set up a station where guests were invited to decorate a one-sie for the baby. We had a number of freezer paper stencils available and a selection of paints, and I think they turned out super cute! There are tons of tutorials online for how to do this, and I looked at these here, here and here.

babyshower_02babyshower_41babyshower_45 babyshower_46

In addition to making the lovely green and white baby blanket below, along with a diaper caddy,  burp and wash cloths, my mom also whipped up these cute little pouches with a party favor for guests.babyshower_17 babyshower_75babyshower_01

All in all it was quite the lovely little celebration, and I’ve found a new obsession for this summer…Berry Fizz, the muddled berry/soda concoction my sister in in the midst of making below.babyshower_34


week17a week17b week17d

This week Tanner had a poetry recital. The whole class selected poems by Shel Silverstein, and he chose Warning, a poem about a sharp toothed snail that lives inside your nose and bites your finger if you stick it in. Given his poem topic, I found it amusing he wanted to pick up a shirt and tie for the recitation. He selected this lovely combo, wore it proudly (and a little sleepily) and did a great job of presenting his poem.

Spring soccer is in full swing, and this is Kaya’s first time playing. It is quite a sight seeing these little girls run around the field, and despite not scoring a single goal this season (well in their goal at any rate – they’ve added a few to other teams’ scoreboards), they seem to be having fun.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”



week16BW week16k

This was one of those weeks. You the know, the ones filled with kid faces hitting hard surfaces, shoes being ripped to shreds as laces get tangled in spin bike pedals, forgetting that box tops on the roof rack keep you from fitting into the garage, ear infections, allergic reaction to antibiotics…you get the gist. But, it ended nicely with an afternoon spent on the deck, the kids playing and the hints of summer in the air.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”




This was our last week of the Bombers ski program at Breckenridge, and the first time I brought the kids up solo as Drew is traveling. We did just fine the three of us, with only two little bumps in the road: forgetting the sunscreen (hence his red nose & red cheeks and his sad little chapped chin) and a glove that went MIA for a bit, but was later found when we back tracked. It has been fun seeing the kids enjoy the Bombers ski program, and learn a ton. Tanner says his favorite things about skiing are jumping, moguls (or movels as he call them from time to time) and skiing in the trees. Oy! Kaya quickly announced she liked jumping best too…double Oy! But, even though I have not seen her do any jumping, she is one to do things with gusto…be it skiing, protesting, snuggling or finger painting.

“our family, once a week, every week, in 2013.”