Its been busy around here! And despite my lack of posting, there has been some fun action in these parts…

I finished the Rosebud Hat by Jared Flood, tried it on and then I swooned. I loved the details in the pattern and the fullness of the cable braid and I am so glad I decided to try this project (and a slouchy hat). I’m really enjoying it, especially the soft cozy yarn. I’m certain I’ll be knitting this again.

I provided a small assist to my friend who had it in her head to knit a pillowcase. This was her first foray into cables. Once she found something in one of my stitch books Super Stitches Knitting, we figured out the pattern, I gave her a quick lesson in how to cable and off she went to do the knitting. We reconvened sometime later, and I attached the knitted piece to some fabric and sewed a quick envelope pillowcase. I think it turned out lovely, and it’s got me thinking perhaps I’ll have to do something for my home. This month fabric-by-fabric sew along is for one of two pillow options…perhaps there is a way to integrate knitting into them.


It’s official, I’ve started on the vest for my husband. I did a gauge swatch (a first for me) and even did it in the round a la this blog post from Jane Richmond. I’m only 1 inch into the project and already I’ve hit a few new firsts: first swatch (and in the round no less), first time doing the tubular cast on (I found this tutorial here and then also looked up the JMCO she used), the most stitches cast on for a single project, and my first time branching out of accessory/small project land. So many new things, and I haven’t even gotten into the heart of this challenge, the steeks!

I’ve started on, and am half way through the next monthly motif. It’s a pretty herringbone lace pattern.

And finally because I may have knitting ADD, spring on the brain and the desire to continue my obsessing over and wearing of scarves and cowls with the warming weather, I picked up some pretty green yarn (silk/merino/cashmere mix) and a pattern for a lacey little cowl.

…and meanwhile we are in the process of another project – a deck for our home complete with some replacement windows, a new window in the loft where before there was none and a fancy glass door leading out to the pending deck.


It’s dusty, noisy and busy, and so very exciting!