This Mama’s Mission

It was the perfect storm…the annual costume creation, a sewing machine acquisition, followed by a visit with my dear friend Katie, (a knitting diva and craftepreneur and my first visit to Purl SOHO…and this mission and blog were born. I have dabbled in all these things – sewing, knitting and photography – but want to do more, and with this blog I hope to document and share my mission to take more pictures, learn how to sew, and move beyond simple knits and purls.

My starting point…

Sew: Each year I put together a costume for the kids, and have a great time. I moan and groan about wishing I knew what I was doing, but never pursue it…this years it changes. I am determined to learn how to sew, to be able to make decor pieces for our home, whip up a top or a funky bag.  I want to be able to read and follow a pattern for anything that catches my eye.

Knit: I have a vague memory of knitting as a young girl – a pair of yellow slippers if memory serves.  A number of years ago, with Debbie Stoller’s Stich ‘n Bitch by my side, I set out to relearn how to knit. I did a few projects, had some fun, but eventually let my knitting fall by the wayside. I am comfortable with simple knits, but want to move beyond the basic knits and purls, to be able to knit more complex and interesting stitches, as well as follow (and even create) patterns.

Click: I have always had love of photography and toyed around with my Dad’s camera as a teenager.  With the birth of my son I began taking photographs again, which led to second shooting weddings and doing some lifestyle and family portraits. Life changed, it got a bit more hectic with the addition of another kid, going back to work and I stopped carrying the camera around with me.  I miss photography, and as part of my renewed commitment to creating and crafting – I want to pick up the camera more regularly as well.

I hope you join me on my journey, and share some of the things you are working on.

~ Surya


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